Development Manager

Shannon Millar

Project Coordinator

Kim Yates

Production & Site Logistics Coordinator

Ahva Dub

Artist Coordinator (Music, Dance, Spoken Word)

Bryn Wackett

Ripple Effect & Sustainable Workshops Coordinator

Celina Padilha

Community Village Coordinator

Kim Yates

Jetty Art Space & Sculpture in the Breeze Coordinators

Kim Yates & Daphne Rodriguez Leon

Dance Stage Coordinator

Jennifer Milne


Celina Padilha

Marketing Coordinator & Poster/Program Design

Daphne Rodriguez Leon

2020 Featured Artist for Posters & Online Program

Beverly Garside, woven sculpture 'Riley Turtle'

Site Logistics Assistant

Naomi Hook

Seabreeze 2020 Covid 19 Hygiene Attendant

Bryn Wackett

#WasteWiseSeabreeze Team

Celina Padilha & NSF Enviro Sustainability Working Group




Chairperson - Andrew Arthur

Vice Chair - Celina Padilha

Treasurer - Kash Sugar

Secretary - Jen Strudwick

Committee Member - Leanne Karaitiana

Committee Member - Lia Gill

Committee Member - Lash Lisson

Committee Member - Mark Ogden

Public Officer - Shannon Millar

New Members & Membership Renewal welcome - CLICK HERE



Enviro Sustainability Working Group

Chaired by: Celina Padilha

Bryn Wackett

Lia Gill - The Mulch Pit

Andrew Arthur

Lou De Mattia - COOLmob

Sponsorship & Finance Working Group

Chaired by: Andrew Arthur

Shannon Millar

Jennifur Strudwick

Kash Sagar

Luci White

Festival Shaping Working Group

Chaired by: Leanne Karaitiana

Luci White

Jennifur Strudwick

ALL WELCOME - Contact Leanne nightcliffseabreeze@gmail.com



The Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival is a week of art, music and culture showcasing in early May, heralding the Dry Season.  It kicks off at Sunset Park on a Friday arvo/eve, 'Sunset Park PM', followed by a full day of events along the Nightcliff foreshore, 'A Day on the Foreshore' and runs throughout the week 'Branching Out' into spaces and venues in the community who may not have the capacity to physically join us outdoors on the foreshore.


Seabreeze began as, and remains, a strongly volunteer and community supported festival. In 2004 a group of artists, small businesses and community organisations joined forces to create a community festival. Senior Kungarakan Elder (Litchfield area), Kath Mills was invited to join these initial meetings and named the potential festival 'Seabreeze'. 


A year later the org became an incorporated, not for profit organisation, affectionately known as NAMCI - Nightcliff Arts, Music and Culture Incorporated and 2005 saw the inaugural Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival hit the foreshore with colour and culture.


The aim of the Festival has held strong in providing a local forum for all facets of the arts including visual arts, music, dance, circus, performance, spoken word, exhibitions, and workshops. 


Performance platforms provide opportunities for our artists to grow and develop while encouraging cross cultural diversity and collaboration amongst our community. Staging an event such as this has been built on long standing collaborations and partnerships across the wider community.