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Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival is renowned for its ambiance and beautiful atmosphere. Be a part of it by holding a food or drink stall at the festival.  It is a fun and lucrative way to get involved. Stalls are welcome to trade over the whole festival. 

We welcome a wide variety of food and drink vendors across the length of the foreshore.  Please note all food must be sold in compostable packaging and with compostable utensils.


2017 saw the festival initiating an exciting environmental sustainability and health aspect to 'A Day on the Foreshore'.


2018 saw us continuing this aspect of the festival, partnering with Lakeside Drive Community Garden, we increased the amount of compost sent straight to the garden rather than to landfill.


2019 saw us strengthening this aspect of our festival even further by partnering with Organic Ag who prepared a large section of their land to take our waste and compost even more and engaging BetterCup to support our bars.


We are a 'Single Use Plastic Free' and 'Soft Drink Free' festival.

This means no soft drinks or single-use plastic to be sold from stalls.


Please contact us if suggested wholesalers for compostable plates/bowls/cups/straws etc are required.  NSF supplied paper straws to all stall holders in 2017 & 2018 to support this transition.  All stalls will be required to support this initiative by supplying their own paper straws AND:


Please consider asking your customers on the day:

"Do you NEED a paper straw with that?"

Get inspired and please join us in our determination to make this festival a #WasteWiseSeabreeze for all of our futures!

We are encouraging the public to "BRING YOUR THINGS!"

QUESTION: What does that mean?


CONSIDERATION: Will you offer a discount to folk who do?

For more information email:


  • 2017 - we nearly halved the amount of general waste we send to the tip at the end of 'A Day on the Foreshore'! See full report.

  • 2018 - although we needed to increase the amount of food stalls on the day to service our hungry punters, we still sent the same amount of decreased general waste to land fill at the end of 'A Day on the Foreshore' but increased our compost to Lakeside Drive Community Garden impressively! See full report.

  • 2019 - we stepped up again with our waste reduction for both 'Sunset Park PM' and 'A Day on the Foreshore' events!  There are still improvements requiring honing, and perhaps there always will be if we want to continue caring for our environment. See full report.

  • 2020 - After a year of no onsite performance platforms and food and beverage trading for the 2020 festival due to Covid-19 health and safety regulations, the 2021 festival was placed back into the landscape along the Nightcliff foreshore and the community came out to embrace our arts and cultural activities and showcasing. There was a surprising decrease in diversion of waste to landfill resulting in further improvements requiring honing, and re-establishing the behaviours that had been building at our event since 2017. See full report.

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