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NSF Volunteers Thank You BBQ Sun 14 May 2017 Image Credit Bryn Wackett.jpg


The Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival is a strongly volunteer-based and community-driven festival.

We invite you to seize this opportunity to engage with the Darwin lifestyle, see shows, network, and have fun. Tell us what you do best or choose from one of the fun experiences below. Sign up as a Volunteer to help us put on the best Seabreeze yet, and work alongside friends old and new in the community you create at Seabreeze!

For more information please get in touch with us at:


Volunteer for 2 (or more) hours, and you get free entry into the Seabreeze after parties at the Nightcliff Sports Club on Friday and Saturday nights as well as your very own 2024 Nightcliff Seabreeze T-shirt.

Volunteer for 4 (or more) hours, receive as above and we provide you with a meal and a non-alcoholic drink voucher from one of the fantastic Seabreeze stalls.

Volunteer for 8 (or more) hours in one day, and receive all of the above, an extra drink voucher from one of the fantastic Seabreeze stalls as well as $80 per diem.


We need people to volunteer for a vast array of roles, before during, and after the festival.

Check our available positions below or have a chat with Mathilde, our friendly volunteer coordinator if you have any questions:


Community involvement and action makes Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival happen.  If you love just hanging out at the festival on the days and would prefer to GET INVOLVED during this lead up period, have a look at the Pre-festival Volunteer role descriptions below:


  • Creating bunting, signs, and other decorations.  We have some in storage but it always needs a lift and some touch up.  

  • Signage touch ups are always important to make sure amenities, food and bars are easily found.



  • Help us get the word out around town.



  • Meet Mathilde, and fellow Vollies, get strategic together, spread the word about the events and dates and all that snazzy jazz.



  • Any tradies are always welcome, and getting in contact early means potential paid roles too.


Pre-Festival Roles:

CREATIVE PREP: Creating bunting, signs, and other decorations.

CONSTRUCTION: Any tradies are always welcome.

POSTER / FLYER / PROGRAM DISTRO: Help us get the word out around town.

NIGHTCLIFF MARKET STALLS (Sundays): Sign up fellow Vollies, and spread the word about all the marvellous Seabreeze events.                                                                                          

Logistics (Roles over the festival):

BUMP IN: Help our logistics team set up the site from Tuesday 7th to Friday 10th May (opening day).

BUMP OUT: Pack down the foreshore as the event wraps up on Saturday night, or arrive early Sunday morning to remove all residual evidence of the festival. Would suit both energetic night owls and early-morn songsters (singing not required). Monday, 13th of May

Site Maintenance

●     CARPARK AMBASSADORS: Assisting with safe parking and directions for presenters and artists in VIP Carparks. Max 2-hour shifts, unless this is your passion.

●     WASTE WISE TEAM: Do you want to help the environment by reducing the amount of waste generated at the Festival? If so, join our team. We need people to help engage in discussions about waste reduction strategies and composting, assist the public in putting their rubbish in the correct bins, and collect food scraps directly from the stall holders and take them to our compost bins.  If you are part of this team, you will also be able to help with the hydration station and hire cups system.

●     COMMUNITY VILLAGE & FOOD STALLS SUPPORT: Aid the Community Village Coordinator OR the Food Stalls Coordinator in situating and maintaining good relations with the Community Village Stalls or the Food Stalls. Limited roles available, must be comfortable speaking with and directing a diverse range of people.

Customer Service

●     VOLUNTEER SUPERVISOR: Maintain a supervisory presence at the Info Tents / Volunteer Hubs. Sign-in vollies and provide training or safety briefings where needed. Support the Volunteer Coordinator, as required. Previous festival experience desired.

●     SEABREEZE FACES: Welcome patrons, and hand out programs and maps; answer questions and offer directions; sell Seabreeze merchandise at the Info Tent or rove along sections of the foreshore. Friendly helpful types desired, who are happy to support the roaming volunteers and festival team.

●     ARTIST LIAISONS: Meet and greet the artists as they arrive. Maintain cleanliness backstage and change room areas. Other duties may be required by the Stage Manager.

●     AFTER-PARTY HELPER: Assist members of the committee in welcoming artists & patrons to the after-party (Friday 9th and Saturday 10th - from 10 pm - Nightcliff SportClub)

ü  Bar and Food Services

●     BAR STAFF: Service of alcohol and water at one or more of 4 Bars along the Nightcliff foreshore. Must submit an RSA by May 5th – We also have a few RSAs up for grabs!

●     BAR SUPPORT: Restocking fridges/eskies, replenishing ice, maintaining a clean area back-of-house: packing down cartons, disposing of rubbish, bottles, etc.

●     CHEF’S BBQ: Feed our hungry volunteers and patrons at our Seabreeze kitchen!

FORESHORE ROVERS: Multi-skilled, fit, and keen to get a varied festival experience. Scan the foreshore sites and check in with the leaders of the Stages or Spaces. Lend a hand if needed, help them out. Communicate with Seabreeze Coordinators and the Volunteer Hubs and deliver items or services required by the team. This can include helping with our waste wise program to help reduce waste and meet our environmental plan.

LIVE STREAMERS, INFLUENCERS, AND  PHOTOGRAPHERS: Help us live stream the festival or capture images of the Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival in all its glory. Images will be credited to the photographer's name or company.

NOTE: See form for current information. If you are unsure, feel free to simply email and let us know you are keen to GET INVOLVED and your availability, and we can go from there.

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