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Threading the Foreshore 2019 project team:
Creative Producer | Bryn Wackett
Director of Photography | Dixi Joy Bankier

Visual Artists | 
Alison Dowell

Aly de Groot
Anokai Susi
Carla Russo
Eddie Kitching
June Mills
Sarah Pirrie​

See each artists short documentation film here

"Joy Boats" | Carla Russo
"Mermaid Messages" | Aly de Groot
"My Coastal Bunting" | Sarah Pirrie
"Naming Trees" | Anokai Susi
"Sand Painting" | Eddie Janama Kitching
"Three Ladders" | Alison Dowell
"Bring a Shirt" | June Mills

2019 Footage filmed by Emma Masters & Dixi Joy Bankier


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