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There is a renewed interest in growing food plants so this year the Ripple Effect will be promoting 'GROW YOUR OWN' with a display of easy to grow, tropical, perennial food plants, information about local community gardens AND FREE SEEDS of locally grown food plants (one packet per person) AND gardening advice!



SATURDAY 13 May | Social Issues 



Puppets for Educating: Gary Friedman & Sharon Gelber (pictured)

Professional puppeteer Gary has traveled extensively using  puppetry to educate on subjects such as HIV , apartheid and corruption.



Paying the Rent and Other Initiatives to Build Community: Fiona Fergusson and Ian O’Rielly

The Nightcliff United Church is well known for its fair trade cafe (Frillys) , its op shop and Permaculture community garden (The Mulch Pit), all initiatives put in place to provide a safe, welcoming environment and help build a strong community.  What is not so well known is their fund raising activities that have been used to pay rent to Darwin’s original owners, the  Larrakia people. This initiative has been operating for many years now.



Womans Talk: Speakers from; Dawn House, Ruby Gaea, Womens Domestic Violence Legal Service, Cathrine Booth House

Forum addressing the widespread issues of gender based crimes such as rape and domestic violence in our society and  if  the ‘ Me Too’ movement ,mandatory reporting and the more public acknowledgment of these crimes has had a significant impact.



Weaving Workshop Weaving Wellness with Aly de Groot

Well known local artist Aly de Groote teaches how to weave beautiful baskets using recycled materials. (pictured)

Ali has training in trauma therapy and has used weaving as a creative therapy.



Forum: Social Justice and related issues; How to make change



Charlie King - Indigenous elder, activist and radio personality

June Mills - Larrakia elder, activist, and entertainer (pictured)  

Peter McMillan - NT Shelter

Rocket Bretherton - Podcaster, campaigner for justice reform (pictured)

John Lawrence - Soup Kitchen

Damian Howard -Educator and psychologist

Keith Gregory - Community Lead Change on Youth Crime


Hosted by Jo Laverty, ABC Radio



The Compassion Project: Lizzie Mellick and Andrea van der Werf

A exercise that is being started around the world to increase well being and the interconnectedness of humanity (pictured)

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SUNDAY 14 May | Environmental Issues



How to Be a Good House Plant Parent: Tina Trudgen (pictured)

A quick discussion on the physical and mental health payoffs of bringing plants into your home, will lead into planting of your own infant (cutting) to take home and nurture.  A display will showcase the most successful house plants for territory dwellings as well as those that require more pampering.  Bring along cuttings to share with other enthusiasts or a plant that is struggling to thrive, for some free advice.  


Composting: Nick O'Loughlin

Making your own compost … good for the environment, your plants and your budget.  



Community Gardens and the Community Garden Network: Naomi Lacey, President of The Community Garden Network (pictured)

Learn about the importance of community gardens.  There are now several community gardens in the  Darwin area.  Find out how you can become involved.



Biophilic Design: Josh Barnes (pictured)

Studies have shown that built environments which have incorporated elements of nature , be it real or representational , within their design have many benefits to those working or living within them. Learn more about this practice and get ideas of how you can incorporate nature into your living environment.



Workshop: Making Earrings For Mum with Mandy Rains

Mandy uses upcycled materials to create one of a kind earrings.



The Amazingly Beneficial Bee: Vicki Simlesa (pictured)

Learn about this phenomenally important little critter and how pests,  diseases and poisons impact on it and our horticultural production.



It All Begins With The Soil: Emily Hinds (pictured)

Smarter Future Solutions.  Come and get an entertaining run down on why good soil health is important and how you can improve your garden's most important element.



Saving Rural Homes, 'The Castle' situation in our bush: Pauleen Cass, Environmental scientist and community activist (pictured)

Learn how rural homes and an iconic Territory park are under threat and what can be done to stop the destruction.


Australian Parents 4 Climate Action & Frack Free NT

A group of concerned parents who have studied the consequences of fracking and want it stopped to protect our kids future.



Protect Our Urban Bushlands - Save Lee Point

The latest from the Save Lee Point Group



The Esplanade: Working towards heritage listing: Plan, The Planning Action Network

The Esplanade is a jewel in the Darwin City CBD. It contains the cenotaph and is a crucial part of the history of Darwin. Why should the Esplanade be heritage listed?  What can we do about it.



The Compassion Project: Lizzie Mellick and Andrea van der Werf

A exercise that is being started around the world to increase well being and the interconnectedness of humanity

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